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Vegetable Growing Workshop

Minimum number of members


Maximum number of members


Equipment and materials

Seed trays, seed compost, seed packets, old newspapers, yoghurt pots, old plant pots, scissors, pencils, labels/lolly sticks, small watering can.




Outdoors workshop

Length of workshop

1-1.5 hours

Workshop description

This workshop is the first in a series of workshops on how to grow your own vegetables in a garden or in a pot on the windowsill. It begins with a tour of an allotment/vegetable garden. Members will have an opportunity to sow seeds and learn how to look after them before planting them out. At the end of the workshop, members will take these home.

Workshop aims

By the end of the workshop members will:


·         have learnt about growing seasons for vegetables, which ones grow well in this area and  the growing characteristics of different vegetables.

·         have sufficient knowledge about the vegetables they have sown in the workshop to be able to grow them on at home.

·         have an appreciation of growing your own vegetables in terms of cost and health benefits.

·         have learnt ways to cut the cost of growing vegetables by recycling old containers, making pots from old newspaper, sharing seed packets, etc.

·         have thought about how Make, Do and Mend can market and sell home-grown produce to fund further workshops.

Other information

Please wear comfortable old shoes and bring a rain jacket if it looks as if it might rain. If you have any empty yoghurt/plant pots or clean ready-meal containers which could be used at the workshop, please bring them along.