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Sewing Workshop

Minimum number of members


Maximum number of members



3 x sewing machines


Needles, threads, fabric.




Inside workshop

Length of workshop

2.5 hours

Workshop description

A creative workshop to learn the basics of using both a sewing machine and sewing by hand. Various projects might include working on a patchwork quilt, clothing, bags, aprons, cushions e.t.c. We will always try to use recycled and donated materials and fabric in this workshop rather than buying new fabric with its associated environmental costs.

Workshop aims

By the end of the workshop members will:


  • have chosen a project and design to work on.
  • will be shown the basics of machine and hand sewing techniques, including how to set up a machine.
  • have an opportunity to learn about different stitches and how they might be used for different purposes and to create different effects.
  • be asked to think about how Make, Do and Mend can market and sell its fabric designs to fund further workshops.
  • develop real business skills including product development, marketing, selling and customer service.

Other information

Please bring along any spare or old material (old curtains are great), so that we may give it a new lease of life.