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Recycling Workshop


Minimum number of members


Maximum number of members





Examples of household waste items.





Length of workshop

1.5 hours

Workshop description

A relaxed meander through the confusing world of household waste and recycling, looking at what goes in which bin and how additional items can be recycled by other means. The workshop will explain why some things can be recycled in the blue bin and others cannot and what happens to your rubbish once it is taken away. The workshop will also allow members to explore their own recycling and reuse habits and how they may be able to save money by changing behaviour. Entertaining, informative and interactive.

Workshop aims

By the end of the workshop members will:

  • understand the difference between the three household bins in Cambridge,
  • know what items can be put in the blue bin for recycling,
  • have an awareness of what happens to blue bin contents: how items are separated and reprocessed for recycling,
  • know what happens to green bin waste and the importance of controlling what goes into this waste stream,
  • understand how black bin refuse is treated,
  • be able to identify what other items can be taken for recycling and where,
  • learn the reasons behind maximising recycling,
  • have thought about how you can reduce the amount of stuff you throw away,
  • have some ideas of how money can be saved by reducing waste.

Other information

The City Council’s Recycling Champions Coordinator will deliver this workshop.  Alternative accommodation will be sourced and paid for by the City Council for larger groups.