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Flower Pressing Workshop

Minimum number of members


Maximum number of members



Flower identification book, carrier bags/baskets, flower press.


Old newspapers, scissors, pencils, labels, blotting paper, card.




Coldhams Common and inside workshop

Length of workshop

2 hours

Workshop description

This will entail a fairly slow, relaxing walk from Ditton Walk to Coldhams Common looking for any interesting flowers or leaves for pressing. The group will learn to identify plants that grow wild on the Common, and pick a small number for pressing of those which are not protected species. On return to base, members will sort the collection and press them ready for future workshops. Members will then use the pressed flowers in card craft workshops.

Workshop aims

By the end of the workshop members will:


·         have learnt about the natural environment of the Common, and the habitat of the plants found in the area.

·         have an appreciation of an importance of Coldhams’ Common to Cambridge as an area of natural beauty.

·         have learnt to use a flower press.

·         have thought about how Make, Do and Mend can use the pressed flowers and leaves in future card craft workshops.

·         have thought about how pressed flower products could be marketed and sold to fund further workshops.

Other information

Please wear comfortable shoes for walking and bring a rain jacket if it looks as if it might rain. If you have a wild flower/tree identification book, please bring it along.