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Computer Skills Workshop


Minimum number of members


Maximum number of members



Laptops x 2


Paper and pens, worksheets.




Inside workshop

Length of workshop

1 hour

Workshop description

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to learn computing skills from scratch. It begins with a presentation, followed by examples and tasks to complete, and will use Office 2010 software.

Workshop aims

By the end of the workshop members will:


·         have learnt how to handle a mouse, and learnt some of the terminology of computing for using a laptop or PC.

·         have learnt the basics of health and safety in computer use.

·         have carried out some basic computing activities such as word-processing, sending emails and using the internet.

·         have considered the benefits of being able to use a computer in terms of personal interest, education and communication with the wider world.

·         be aware of where computers and the internet can be used free of charge in the city.

·         have discussed your individual learning needs to ensure all workshops are relevant and tailored accordingly.

Other information

If you need reading glasses, please bring these with you.