VegBox Project

The Veg Box Project by Make, Do and Mend

The Allotment

Make, Do and Mend members have enjoyed the Gardening Workshop at plot 56 at The
Whitehill Allotments since 2014. Every Monday morning from 11am until 1pm a group of
members and volunteers have been working hard to develop a less overgrown and
productive pitch. We have put up a shed with the help of a donation of building materials from Travis Perkins. We are also experimenting with permaculture in the some of the beds and are soon to be putting up a poly tunnel to enable us to grow all the veg we need
for the project. We have also used Freecycle to source pallets, manure and plant pots when needed. The new Veg Box Workshops will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1pm – 3pm.

Gardening and being outdoors are well known to be beneficial to both physical and mental health. Having a safe place where we can share skills and stories, makes us feel less alone and being able to help others also helps us with confidence and battling those negative voices in our heads. Having somewhere where members can be in touch with nature, the seasons and be with other people who understand is a real tonic.