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Rasik Kotecha - Personal Statement

By profession, I'm an accountant and came to Cambridge over 30 years ago to work for Philips.   When the Philips office in Cambridge closed, I decided it was time to try running my own company and I've been managing director of Securesafe Ltd since 1998.

Alongside Securesafe and other business ventures, I have always been involved in voluntary and community activities.  I was on the Indian Community and Culture Association (ICCA) committee in Cambridge for over 20 years and, through that, have worked on the links between the Indian community and the wider Cambridge community.

From seeing the experiences of others, I know how important it is that people with mental health issues get support and how important it is that they have the opportunity in a relaxed environment to do productive activities.  I know that some communities, particularly the Indian community, can feel ashamed of mental health issues and try to keep them secret which is very damaging.  

As well as financial expertise and experience of fundraising with the ICCA, I hope that I can work with Make, Do and Mend to build links with the Indian community to help to change the perceptions of mental health.